Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Eco Clean Laundry

  1. We only wash garments which is marked by manufacturer as ''P'' or ''A'' and garments which has a label with the other laundry description. If the garments don’t have above markings we can provide washing service but only on Customer’s risk and we are not responsible for any damages which can occur during process.
  2. We always agree with the customer when the items will be ready for collection.
  3. Our charges are included in our price list. The staff can change it in some specific circumstances.
  4. Our laundry is not responsible for any damages of garments which is incorrectly marked by the manufacturer.
  5. Our laundry is not responsible for any  damages of faliselina, arm pillows, buttons, buckles, decorations or zips.
  6. We can not guarantee full removal of stains on some kinds of fabrics.
  7. We are not responsible for any items which are left in the garments before washing.
  8. Our customer will be given a receipt which shows exact date when the service will be finished and ready for collection. This receipt is treated as the agreement between our customer and us.
  9. We have a right to give back unwashed garments to the customer if the garment can not be washed for technical reasons.
  10. We have a right to refuse our service if the item is damaged or not suitable for washing.
  11. Our customers collect the garments directly in our laundry, they must have the receipt with them.
  12. All the complaints or disputes which may occur will be solved by Trading Standards organisation.