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LagoonPink Eco Clean from Edinburgh is the first ecological dry cleaning in the entire Scotland working in the Lagoon System.

This system was created by Electrolux concern with cooperation of Woolmark company.

All washing programmes are based on a new technology called the Lagoon System. This system was approved by Woolmark and can be successfully used in washing the garments which normally are marked as only suitable for dry, chemical cleaning.

This is the first and only professional system of delicate water washing which has its own Woolmark certificate.

This is the new alternative cleaning process which guarantees the top quality service. We are not chemical laundry even then we get much finer results in garments cleaning. This could have been achieved only with technology we are using.

Lagoon System combines effectiveness of chemical dry cleaning and hand washing delicateness.
We provide fully professional service for individual customers as well as for business’ partners.
Please feel free to learn more about our system, service and offers.


Why you should choose us?

Our aim is to show basic differences between traditional chemical dry cleaning and ecological water laundry which uses the Lagoon system.
We also want our customers to be fully satisfied with the services we have in our offer.

Clean clothesIn chemical laundrettes the basic cleaning detergent is ethylene tetrachloride.
This substance is believed to be carcinogenic and also extremely harmful for the environment.  
There is a lot criticism of traditional chemical laundrettes.
The substances which are used in these laundrettes are harmful for people who operate these machines and for natural environment.

The use of collagen means that the fibres do not absorb water and prevent delicate garments from any damages.
Together with our Lagoon system you can help to protect natural environment.


Lagoon the is the unique system of water washing delicate garments and the only cleaning system in the world which has Woolmark certificate.